Our clients are companies seeking to expand their sales, manufacture or outsourcing operations to Bulgaria. We offer the entire end-to-end range of services to navigate international businesses through the market entry risks successfully.


Strategy and planning phase

Market research


Entering a new market often requires different strategies than the ones used in the home country. Get an in-depth understanding of the potential market in order to get your market entry strategy right.

Our research reports analyze the current structure and the forces shaping an industry (macro-economic, regulatory, technological, competitive, changing customer preferences). The reports present our view on the impact of these forces on the future industry landscape – including the potential market size and growth, profitability, main market players and their behavior, technological systems and other specific industry information. We use data from interviews with industry participants and industry organizations, as well as publicly available data and information. The final report provides insightful and independent information, analysis and views that can help you choose your market entry strategy.


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Customized research


Many businesses and investors need specific information in order to evaluate whether or how to enter the Bulgarian market. This may include information about prices, industry regulations, land and real estate offerings, availability of human resources, logistic solutions and others. We use multiple sources in order to provide precise and validated information.


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Screening for partners


We can quickly screen and identify key potential partners for your supply chain, go-to-market partners, and service providers or seek other potential partnerships relevant to your business. Based on your requirements we can start negotiations looking for your best interest. 


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Business set-up phase

Company registration


Starting a company in Bulgaria is fast and easy. We can help you register a Limited Liability Company (LLC or Ltd) in a matter of days. We will handle and prepare all the necessary documents with bilingual content and send them to you in advance with detailed guidance. The registration process can be complete in only one day followed by 3-5 days waiting time.

The Bulgarian Limited Liability company is called OOD or EOOD. This is the most common company in Bulgaria and 90% of the business in here is incorporated this way. It is easy to manage and the registration process is simple and fast. The only difference between OOD and EOOD is in the number of shareholders.

It is most convenient if the company’s Manager visits Bulgaria for the registration. He has to be present in person in a Bulgarian Notary Office and to deposit the company’s capital in a Bulgarian Bank. You can even register a company without visiting Bulgaria. The procedure is a little bit more complicated, but not impossible. In this case, the company’s Manager has to visit Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate.

We’ve helped many businesses set foot in Bulgaria.


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Tailor-made starting package


Your newly incorporated company might need some additional services depending on your business plans. We can do all of them for you – opening bank accounts, setting up online banking, getting a company digital signature or company stamp. We can also handle for you many legal and accounting procedures like registration under the VAT act, registration as an operator of private data, EORI registration and others. Contact us with your specific request.


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Company seat and mailbox services


In order to start and own a company in Bulgaria, it must have a business address in the country. If you don’t have an address for the registration — we can help. We will also immediately inform you for any incoming mail regarding your company and store the original documents for you. 


Administration management


To run your business successfully you need to have reliable service providers – accountants, lawyers, bank account managers and others depending on your needs. Coordinating the work with them from abroad can be complicated and our team can take care of all that for you. We can handle the ongoing administrative tasks specific to your business, document flow and communication with service providers, while keeping you informed and giving you the full picture when you need to take any decisions.


Regulatory compliance


We ensure that our clients are aware and of and take the steps to comply with the laws, policies and regulations for their businesses. We work with experienced external contractors and different organizations in order to stay informed and be aware of any regulatory updates.


Business development and growth

Bank Financing


Whether you need to receive a working capital credit line, mortgage or equipment leasing, or to negotiate a complex project finance, we can help you get the best conditions the market has to offer. We have experience working with different financial institutions and our goal is to get the best possible offers for our clients in terms of interests, duration, maximum amount, percent of equity and so on.


Project management


With a methodical approach, we help our clients in the planning and the guiding of project processes from conception to completion. The project management process helps to ensure the project’s efficiency, keeps it on track, on time and within budget.


Client servicing


We can provide you with initial-contact services for your end-clients. During the initial phases of setting up a business by an international business, we can act as the first point of contact to handle basic queries of the end-clients




We can be your partner in planning your company’s strategy, its evaluation and improvement. We help small and medium companies in Bulgaria make strategic decisions about their future. Our team of professionals identifies the areas for intervention and plans the methods and timelines together with the company management. 

All the company’s areas are involved in the project – finance and administration, production and sales. The financial and economic analysis that we make helps businesses to know where they are and where they are going. It helps them decide on a growth strategy and find the best ways to finance their plans.  

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