SOLAR ASSET MANAGEMENTOutsourced management of the solar power plants helps business owners to reduce their costs and to optimize the performance of their plants. In contrast to the O&M service (operations and maintenance), which is technical in nature, the asset management is focused on the financial, administrative, legal and commercial parts of the business and the overall management of the plant. We have been doing asset management for solar power plants since 2012. Our service includes, but is not limited to: 
-       Performance reporting with specific KPIs 
-       Oversight/Management of the O&M provider
-       Oversight of the legal and administrative updates for the sector
-       Insurance administration
-       Relations with the grid operator
-       Relations with the balancing energy provider
-       Relations with the energy trading companies on the free market 
-       Relations with financial institutions
-       Relations with service providers – security, internet and others
-       Contract management
-       Billing, collections and payments
-       Accounting and financial reporting 
-       Regulatory compliance

In terms of legal and administrative requirements for the renewable energy producers in Bulgaria, the last years have been very dynamic. Every year there are new procedures, fees or reports introduced to the producers. Therefore, we rely on some of the most experienced lawyers and industry organizations in the sector for information and advises.
Our approach for the service providers is to build long-term relations with experienced and competitive companies on the market. We can manage all the financial, commercial, and administrative tasks necessary to ensure optimal financial performance of a solar PV plant or a portfolio of plants. 

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